How to Ask for Feedback in Email Signature to Capture Customer Feedback

email signature survey

To start asking for feedback in email signature from customers is very simple.  Once you login to the SurveyStance portal you will create a specific survey link for each employee or department.  Just copy/paste the HTML code into your email signature. Each individual employee will have a unique survey.

Here is another example of what the customer will see from the employee Outlook or Gmail signature.

Once Email Signature Survey is Complete

You can see from the above email signature survey, it’s a simple way of asking for feedback in email signature allow customers to provide you quick feedback.  Customer will be directed to a ‘Survey Complete, Thank You!” page where they have the opportunity to share “More Feedback” after they click on their emoji rating. This is optional and you can customize the questions asked on this page.  You can also ask if the customer ‘approves’ the feedback to be shared via social media. This is a great way to get and share customer testimonials from those customers who provide good feedback.

One-Click Email Signature Survey

Customer facing employees are communicating with customers several times daily via email.  Allowing those customers to provide that employee feedback by utilizing a one-click email signature survey link can be a great tool.  It can help keep a pulse on the customer happiness and give insight into customer feedback.

The need for customer feedback is at an all time high.  While the need is high the desire and attention from customers to complete lengthly email surveys are at an all time low. This is true because most customers are busy and distracted.  The only way your customers will complete an in-depth survey is if they are extremely upset and want to share their negative experience.

This is why SurveyStance one-click survey embedded into all employees signature (either Outlook or Gmail) can be a great way to get customer feedback most efficiently from customers.

Smiley Face Feedback Email

One of the top reasons why OneClick Email Signature Surveys get such a high response rate is because they are frictionless for the customer to complete. The smiley face feedback is universal and it is simple to understand and respond.

For example if the feedback survey below is embedded into your email signature and you are a client facing associate it’s easy to collect feedback and it can quickly draw the attention of your customers. Both of these factors combined will drive response rates.

One Click Feedback