Restaurant Questionnaire Customer Service Feedback Kiosk

Restaurant Customer Feedback is one of our specialties.  We help restaurants of all kinds collect feedback from customers with our survey kiosk and inbound SMS text message feedback platform.

Most restaurants have had a hard time getting customer feedback. This is often mainly because once the customer leaves the restaurant the only way to capture that feedback is via email or survey on the bottom of the receipt.  Customer feedback for your restaurant is such a key driver in future success, this is why we created SurveyStance Restaurant Kiosks.

What is a Restaurant Customer Feedback Kiosk?

Our restaurant service kiosk is more than just a survey app, it’s a total survey kiosk package designed for your restaurant!  We setup an iPad (we provide) on a floor stand (we also provide) to allow your customers to provide you feedback while they are in your restaurant!  For example you can ask your restaurant questionnaire for customers question like:

  • Please rate our Service
  • Are you planning on coming back soon?
  • Please rate our Food

These quick survey satisfaction questions are answered by tapping  range of smiley faces (sad face to happy face) to tell you if they are happy or not.Feedback Kiosk Signage

You can also capture customer feedback questions like ‘what did you like most about our restaurant?’ or ‘how did you hear about us’? The SurveyStance Kiosk system is easy to use but dynamic enough to meet your needs.

How do I get a Feedback Kiosk at my Restaurant?

If you’re looking for a way to allow your customers to share their feedback while they are still in your restaurant then the Feedback Kiosk can be an ideal option.  Contact Us and we can get you setup with everything you need to start capturing customer feedback right away!  SurveyStance offers a free trial, we know once you give us a try you won’t be able to live without us.  We have revolutionized the way restaurants survey their customers.  We thrive on customer service, if you have any questions please contact us anytime!

iPad Survey AppTop methods to use when collecting feedback:

  1. Feedback Kiosk
  2. OneClick Feedback
  3. Inbound SMS Feedback

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