3 Customer Feedback Survey Solutions

Feedback Survey Kiosk
Feedback Kiosk

Feedback Kiosk Survey allows quick one tap feedback by selecting an emoji (smiley face) to answer the survey question.

Customer Feedback QR Code Survey
OneClick Feedback with QR Codes

OneClick Feedback can be embedded within QR Codes. Just Scan QR Code and share quick feedback.

Email Signature Feedback Survey
Email Signature Survey

Email Signature Survey allows OneClick feedback by embedding the survey within an email signature.

Frictionless Customer Feedback

Getting more customers to share feedback is simple, just make it easy for them with in moment surveys.

iPad Survey App - Feedback Kiosk

Feedback Survey Kiosk

iPad + Stand Included

SurveyStance Feedback Survey Kiosk is a simple in moment survey kiosk interface designed to maximize user response rate and give you a robust data source to make more informed decisions.

Email Signature Feedback Survey

OneClick Feedback

Email Signature Survey

One Click web based emoji customer surveys can be embedded within email signatures, websites, support tickets and more.

QR Code Survey

Create custom QR Codes with the OneClick Feedback Survey. Customers scan QR Code and with a quick tap can share feedback.

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About SurveyStance

SurveyStance is a worldwide leading software company providing feedback survey software and kiosks for businesses to help them interact with their customers and employees.  Our Feedback Kiosk is an iPad based terminal used to capture feedback in real-time.