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The short. We are ALL about the customer, period. The founders of SurveyStance both came from families that ran successful mom & pop businesses. How? Great experience, listening to customer feedback and knowing that there is always room for improvement. 

The not too long: We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of rockstars who all share a passion of business and customers. We are based out of sunny Southern California but proudly serve our clients all around the world. We know that customers have a choice of who they buy products and services from. Employees have a choice of who they work with. We believe in the voice of the customer (VoC) and the power of feedback. The impact it can make to a business if gathered and acted upon. We work with purpose. We wake up everyday focused on helping businesses take the friction out of communicating with customers to capture the feedback they need.

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Our mission… 

is to ensure that every business is collecting customer feedback for continuous improvement opportunities

Our vibe…

at SurveyStance is to dream awake. To collaborate with our team and our customers. Be wildly customer focused. Turn ideas into reality.

Our promise… 

is to always go above and beyond for our clients! We can’t stop, won’t stop until you click the Terrific smiley.

Our Software Suite Includes:

    • Survey Feedback Kiosk: To capture feedback from customers and employees onsite, in real time.
    • One-Click Feedback (Email Signature): Gathering one click feedback directly from your email signature.
    • QR Code : Allowing your customers to scan a QR code and share feedback in real time.

The team at SurveyStance are experts in everything related to customer experience and feedback. We have helped companies around the globe collect more feedback that is actionable. Our team can provide your business with everything it needs from iPads & Stands (Feedback Kiosks), SurveyStance proprietary iPad app, Feedback QR codes and most importantly a user friendly reporting portal to analyze survey results and make informed decisions! Check out the top industries we serve. Reach out anytime and our team will be happy to serve you.

We are here to help answer any questions you have. Please email, call, or text us any at smile@surveystance.com!

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