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We are a passionate and dedicated team of rockstars. We wake up everyday focused on helping businesses take the friction out of communicating with customers, employees, and visitors. We are based out of sunny Southern California but serve our clients all around the world. Our mission is to ensure that every business is collecting customer and employee feedback for continuous improvement opportunities. And we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients!

Our Software Suite Includes:

    • Survey Feedback Kiosk: To capture feedback from customers and employees onsite, in real time.
    • Email Signature Survey: Gathering easy, one click feedback directly from an employee’s email signature + the option to provide additional details.
    • SMS Text Feedback: Allowing your customers to text you feedback directly to your dedicated SMS text phone number.

SurveyStance is a full service provider. We can provide your business with everything it needs from iPads, iPad stands, iPad app software, and most importantly a user friendly reporting portal to analyze survey results and make informed decisions!

We are here to help answer any questions you have. Please email, call, or text us anytime!

Survey Stance – In Person Quick Surveys via Kiosks.

SurveyStance is the a smiley survey tool because of the high level of feedback you will receive from your customers, client, or employees to see if they are are happy or not.  Online survey tools only capture small portion of your customer base and the use Survey Stance in your place of business to find out if customers are happy or not before they leave and never come back can make all the difference.  For this reason, the surveys are easy to complete, the user simply taps a range of happy smiley faces to give their feedback.

You will have access to in-depth survey feedback kiosks results so you know when customers are the happiest and when they are not happy.  Included in the software are Instant Feedback Notifications which will alert you when someone taps a survey with negative feedback.  NPS (Net Promoter Score) is one of the most sought after data points for you business, with SurveyStance quickly start to capture your NPS via your SurveyStance Kiosk! We are located in Orange County, California but serve businesses worldwide.  We look forward to helping you with your live in person customer surveys soon!

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