Email Signature Survey – OneClick Customer Feedback

Email signature can be the best place to insert a one-click survey to capture feedback from customers.  Your customers are busy so allowing them to give quick valuable feedback at multiple points is a must to increase survey results. Create a customer feedback survey in your embedded email signature (outlook, gmail, etc) with our One Click Feedback.


OneClick Feedback

Quickly capture customer feedback directly from your email signature.

Multiple Emoji Options

Choose from several emojis to display in your email signature survey or use your own custom images. NPS (Net Promotor Score) Survey types also available.

One Click Feedback

Feedback is collected with one click from email signature or web.

QR Code Survey

Options to create a custom QR Code that will take customers right to your survey with a quick scan on their mobile phone.

How does Email Signature Survey Work?

You can review in detail How Email Signature Survey Works, in short you enter basic information for each employee or department (Name, Email, Department, etc).  SurveyStance will automatically generate a short HTML code that can be placed within each existing email signature footer (Outlook, Google, Mail, etc).  The next time that employee sends an email, the new one tap email survey will appear and you’re ready to start capturing customer feedback!

Tracking Employee Email Survey Results

Once a customer taps one of the emoji happy faces embedded in the email footer, that ratings is captured and stored, the customer will then be taken to a landing page where you can ask for more detail (optional).  All the email survey results are stored in the SurveyStance portal. You can view summary or detailed reports based on Employee, Departments, or Company Wide.


Rate Specific Landing Page

Ask Happy Customers to share Online Review & Unhappy Customers for More Feedback.

Create specific landing pages depending on customer feedback.  Route positive feedback to post online review & negative feedback to collect additional details. This is a great way to increase online reviews.

Collect Additional Feedback

Create customized questions to display on landing page after email signature survey clicked. This can be free form text, multiple choice, dropdown options and more.

Custom Landing Page

Customize landing page with your logo and company colors. Landing pages can be setup to be ‘rate specific’. Create a landing page for Positive Feedback and a different one for Negative Feedback. This is very helpful to ask follow up questions for bad feedback and display buttons like Google Reviews / Yelp for when they respond positive. This is a great strategy to drive up positive online reviews.

Email & Help Desk Integrations – Emoji Signature Survey

SurveyStance Email and Help Desk Smiley Survey can be used within the following platforms. This is a great way to help your employees collect feedback from customers.

Outlook Email Signature Survey

Quickly setup an outlook email signature survey with the SurveyStance Email Signature Survey platform. Just create the Survey from the portal and copy/paste the email signature into your outlook email signature.

Setting up a SurveyStance Feedback Survey in your Email Signature

Create Feedback Survey

Once you login to the SurveyStance portal you can create customized feedback surveys.

Setup Custom Landing Page

Create a custom landing page where the user will be directed after they share their feedback. You can add additional questions to be displayed and customized with logos.

Copy/Paste Survey

Now just embed survey in email signature (copy/paste). One Click feedback survey is now directly within your email signature to populate every time you send and email.

View Reports & Setup Notifications

Now you can view dashboards/reports for actionable insights. Also setup instant notifications to be alerted as soon as feedback is received.

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How to embed a survey in an email?

Creating a survey and embedding it within an email can be easily accomplished with the SurveyStance Email Signature Survey.  Just create a survey and the survey is auto generated ready to be copied and pasted within an email.Email Signature Survey