Customer Feedback Kiosk

What it can do for you?

  • Capture real time customer sentiment
  • Increase response rates up to 10x
  • Get immediate feedback alerts
  • Scales across locations, teams, and users
  • Get insight into why customers are happy or not
  • Actionable & custom data
Feedback Survey Kiosk - Smiley
“If you are looking for a low friction, high response survey solution that provides insight into your customers experience then the SurveyStance Feedback Kiosks will give you all of that with minimal hands on management.”
Global Transportation Solutions Company
SurveyStance Customer

"The Whole Package": Kiosk + iPad + SurveyStance Software

The Whole Package Includes:

  • iPad
  • iPad Stand (counter or floor)
  • Extended Cables for a Clean Look
  • Unlimited Surveys, Responses & Users
  • Dedicated Account Manager w/ Ongoing Review Meetings
  • Multilingual Translations
  • US Based Support 7 days/week
  • Optional Self-Cleaning Film by NanoSeptic
  • QR Code for Touch-less Experience

Already have iPads to use? “The Software Only Package” it is!

Software Only Package includes:

SurveyStance iPad Survey App
  • iPad
  • iPad Stand (counter or floor)
  • Extended Cables for a Clean Look
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Responses
  • Unlimited Users
  • US Based Support 5 days/week
  • Optional Self-Cleaning Film by NanoSeptic
  • QR Code for Touch-less Experience

Feedback Survey Kiosk Features

QR Code

Give users the ability to complete the survey by scanning a QR Code on the survey screen.

Instant Notifications

Instant SMS & Email Notifications when specified feedback is received. Take immediate action!

Custom Welcome Screen

Create a Customized Welcome Screen with your logo, custom background and text.

Customized Branding

Upload your Logo, Customized Text, Choose Colors and Custom Questions.

Survey Reset Timeout

Enable to reset feedback survey back to the first question for incomplete surveys.

Offline Mode

Capture Feedback even without WiFi, Feedback will auto sync once online.

Prevent Fake Rates

Require user to 'Swipe to Start Survey' to prevent unwanted users from completing in moment survey.

Feedback Dashboards

Access to customer feedback survey dashboards anytime. Also setup automated reports sent to your email weekly.

Kiosk Lock Mode

Kiosk Mode prevents anyone from closing the Survey. Leave it unattended and turned on 24/7 without concern.

Skip Question Logic

Setup Skip Logic to only display questions based on previous answers. Great way to pinpoint why customers are unhappy or happy.

Dedicated Support

We are here to help support not only during the initial setup but also ongoing.

Configure Remotely

Make changes to surveys and update the feedback kiosk survey in real time from anywhere.

World Class Support Team

World Class Support Team

If you have any questions about how your company can best use SurveyStance to collect feedback, we have an amazing team ready to help!

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Watch Feedback Kiosk App Demo Watch Feedback Kiosk App Demo
Watch Feedback Kiosk App Demo

Watch Feedback Kiosk App Demo


Feedback Survey Pricing Plans

SurveyStance offers the following flexible survey kiosk pricing options.

Feedback Kiosk

Software Only

$29/ mo

Feedback Kiosk Package

$59/ mo


Let's Talk

Unlimited Responses
Unlimited Surveys & Users
Instant Alerts
Custom Branding
QR Code
iPad Included
Secure Stand Included
Remote iPad Management
One-on-One Personalized Setup
Dedicated Account Manager
Multilingual Surveys
Custom Reporting
API Integrations

Get Feedback Survey Info in your Inbox

Customer Feedback Survey

The SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk has revolutionized the way companies capture feedback. The iPad based Survey Kiosk is designed to capture a high volume of real time customer feedback / employee feedback in the moment.

Setting up the Feedback Kiosk at your business is simple because SurveyStance provides everything you need such as iPad, iPad Stand Kiosk, Emoji Based Feedback Survey Software, Survey Templates and detailed customer feedback reporting and dashboards.

Our pricing options are billed monthly and our agreements are all month-to-month so you can cancel anytime.

Feedback Survey Kiosk

Allow customers to provide in-person feedback

Quick & Easy feedback survey questions will maximizes responses.
Don’t rely on lengthy email surveys customers don’t fill out.

Feedback Reporting Portal to track:

Trending Customer Satisfaction levels over time by location.
Time of day customers are MOST happy.
Time of day customers are LEAST happy.
Why customers feel the way they do.
Instant email/text alerts for negative reviews so you can act quick.

Feedback Survey Products

We offer a full service worldwide In Moment Survey Kiosk experience to allow your customers or employees to capture feedback live in the moment. We also have stand alone iPad Survey Feedback App if you already have an iPad and Kiosk Survey Stand. We offer a free software trial (ask us about it) as we know once you try Survey Stance Kiosk you’ll love it as much as we do.

All solutions offer a robust web based backend admin portal to view reporting and dashboards, customizable settings, feedback survey notifications, and more! We also offer flexible pricing options that are all month to month agreements.

Emoji Smiley Survey - 5 Point Scale

Additional Feedback Platforms

SurveyStance offers the following feedback survey platforms in addition to the Feedback Kiosk.  All customer feedback platforms are designed to create a fun feedback process.  Reach out to learn more about these services and how you can use them to collect more customer feedback. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more check out this post on our Smiley Face Survey Kiosk App and how they help increase response rate by making Customer Feedback Fun!