QR Code Feedback

Quickly capture customer feedback directly from QR Codes. Customers scan the QR Code and quick tap of an emoji to share feedback.

Increase Employee Accountability
Real Time Notifications
High Survey Response Rates
Touchless Survey Feedback
Ask Follow Up Questions on Landing Page

Try It!

Scan QR Code Below

1. Scan QR Code
2. Tap Emoji to Complete Survey
3. Done!

1. Scan QR Code 2. Tap Emoji to Complete Survey 3. Done!

Completing a QR Code Feedback Survey in Simple.

Scan QR Code

Customers will open camera app on phone and point it at the QR code

Tap Emojis to Complete Survey

Survey will open in web browser for user to complete survey by tapping an emoji 😍


All feedback is accessible real-time within dashboard reports

Where to Display QR Code Survey​

Wall Poster

Create signage to post on walls / windows


Print on the bottom of receipts / invoices

Product Cards

Print on post cards and include in product shipments to allow customer feedback

QR Code Survey - Signage​

Customizable Templates​

Posters, Stickers or Table Tents​

Get a demo and see how a QR Code Survey can help you!

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One Question, One Click
Feedback Surveys

Choose your methods

  • Print QR Codes on stickers, receipts or signage.
  • Place QR Codes on PowerPoint Slides, Documents, Communications and send digitally or share out from your computer screen.

Reap the Benefits

  • Touchless Feedback
  • Always available
  • Real time
  • On the go