Survey Text Classification

Step 1 – Upload your excel file

Step 2 – Select which excel column the free form text

Step 3 – Enter the email address where we should send the finished file.

Step 4 – Done! You’ll receive the excel file back with an added column that contains the free-form text classification (positive, negative, neutral)


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What is Sentiment Analysis and why is it important for free form survey responses?

Customer survey responses can help you identify things that are working well and areas that may need improvement. When it comes to all the free form text responses you receive from customers it can be challenging to read through them all. This is where a tool like sentiment analysis using AI text classification comes into play. You are able to quickly upload an excel file of all the customer comments and the text analyzer will bucket the responses into categories like Positive, Negative, Neutral.

Analyze open-ended survey (data, responses) in excel

The SurveyStance Sentiment Analysis tool to help you analyze open-ended survey responses from excel. No login required, just upload your excel file with the customer feedback text and we’ll get it processed and sent back within seconds.