Smiley Face Survey Kiosk Terminal

Using in-store smiley face kiosk terminals to determine if your customers are happy or not is on the rise!  The reason most businesses do not get the feedback they need from customers is mainly because of the process in which we ask our customers to give feedback.  The percentage of your customers who will fill out an online survey is very low.  This is why Smiley Face Survey Kiosks are the perfect solution! 

What is a Smiley Face Survey?

A smiley face survey is a type of customer feedback survey where the customer can share their feedback by selecting a range of emoji faces (smiley face to angry mad face) to answer a survey question.  These types of surveys are very popular worldwide and are used by a wide range of companies and industries. This type of survey allows for quick responses and provides actionable insight for companies. 

What is a Kiosk Survey?

A Kiosk Survey is a tablet based survey that is designed to capture a high volume of customer feedback in the moment. Businesses will place the Kiosk Survey within their brick and mortar store to allow customers to quickly share feedback about their experience by quickly tapping a few emojis. These surveys usually require a kiosk survey app to operate.

Feedback Kiosk - SurveyStance

Types of Survey Question Inputs:

SurveyStance offers several different survey question inputs to select from.  While some of the options are based on design preference (emoji smiley faces) others are more strategic in collecting customer feedback. Check out our post on 7 Effective Questions for Emoji Surveys.

  • Emoji Smiley Faces 4 points & 5 point scales
  • Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down
  • Yes / No
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Star Ratings
  • Free Form Text Input (Customer can type freeform)
  • Custom Inputs (Survey Admin can specify custom input options)

Smiley Face Survey Scales

  • 5-point scale (Excellent, Good, Average, Bad, Terrible) This is the most popular survey scale.
  • 4-point scale (Excellent, Good, Bad, Terrible) If you are using this scale the middle average is removed
  • 2-point scale (Good, Bad) This can be happy face and sad face or thumbs up / thumbs down
  • 10-point scale (Net Promoter Score) The NPS is a popular 10 point scale

Types of Emoji Surveys

There are several different types of emoji based customer surveys.  The most popular is the 5-point smiley face scale.  Some other popular types are 4 point smiley face scales, NPS (net promoter score) survey, binary options (Yes/No & Thumbs Up/Down).

Is a smiley face unprofessional?

No, smile faces used to collect customer feedback is not unprofessional.  In fact smiley faces have been long used to quickly describe an emotion or a way you’re feeling.  So this naturally makes sense when asking a customer to share their feedback on a specific topic.How Smiley Face Surveys Works

The key to a successful smiley face feedback app is to create a simple survey that the customer can respond to quickly.  We suggest 1 question surveys that rotate questions to allow you to capture feedback on a range of topics without having to ask every customer all the questions.

Survey Stance Kiosk placement is the next most important factor!  We will help advise you on where to place the iPad Survey Stand to allow for maximized results.  It’s important to put the iPad Survey Kiosk somewhere with high foot traffic but still secluded enough so your customers will give an honest rating.

Smiley Face Feedback Buttons

Collecting customer feedback using feedback buttons has long been effective in not only high survey response rates but also ease of use.  There are several ways to use these smiley face feedback buttons, one of the most popular is feedback kiosks placed within your business where customer can quickly tap a smiley face to respond to the survey.

iPad Survey Thumbs Up

Smiley Face Survey to collect Customer Feedback 

How to create a Emoji Smiley Survey?

Survey Feedback Kiosk

There are several ways to create an emoji based survey to collect feedback from customers.  SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk is an all-in-one solution that comes with an iPad, Secure Stand and Software.  This solution allows for quick surveys to be created and deployed to the Feedback Kiosk in a matter of a few minutes. Get access to smiley face survey templates and get a feedback survey setup in minutes!

Where are Smiley Face Surveys used?

There are several different ways to use an emoji based customer survey.  Feedback Kiosks are used to collect customer feedback within brick and mortar stores by displaying a range of happy/mad faces on a screen allowing customers to just tap a smiley emoji to share their feedback quickly.

Another type of smiley survey can be found within Email Signatures or Help Support Tickets where the smiley face emojis are embedded to allow customer to click the smiley emoji to share their feedback experience.

Tips for Collecting Customer Feedback

Regardless of how you will be collecting customer feedback it is most important that you at least have some (frictionless) way for customers to share their feedback.  Too many companies are either not accepting any feedback or making it very difficult for the survey to be filled out.  Think of the classic survey link on the bottom of a receipt you received, only a small fraction of customers will take the time to fill it out.

I want to try SurveyStance Kiosk, what next?

iPad Survey App

Try our SurveyStance Smiley Kiosk to see first hand the survey results. We are happy to provide a free 7 day trial.  Just reach out and we will help you get started. SurveyStance provides everything you need: iPad, iPad Stand (floor or table), Smiley Survey Kiosk App, and Reporting. Learn more by viewing a demo video of our iPad Kiosk App.

SurveyStance Associate

Check out our Emoji Survey page to get more information.  SurveyStance offers 2 other ways to make it easy to collect feedback.  Emoji based Survey Kiosk & SMS Feedback where customers can text message a dedicated number to provide feedback anytime.

Smiley Face Survey Images

Below are a few examples of the smiley face survey images SurveyStance uses for feedback.

Emoji Smiley Survey - 5 Point Scale