If you are in the process of setting up your Emoji Survey App on your iPad and seeking suggestions of effective questions to ask, weโ€™ve got you covered! You can definitely customize by your type of business but here are more general questions as a starting off point.

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Top 7 Emoji Survey App Questions

Question 1:
How was our service today?

Straight to the point and gauges if they were happy or dissatisfied. Great for any business such as hotels, restaurants, car /auto, salons, retail stores, etc. Could be used for a product as well instead of service.

Question 2:
Did our staff offer their assistance during your visit?

We love this question for businesses seeking to improve customer service, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Itโ€™s 100% geared towards achieving the best customer experience possible and shows customers that you care by asking for their feedback.

Question 3:
Were you able to find what you were looking for today?ย 

This is ultimately a yes/no thumbs up or down emoji rating where you are trying to understand if they found what they came in for. Wonderful for retail businesses.

Question 4:
Did you experience a long wait time?

This is an exceptional question for businesses that require a customer check in. This can be very insightful for medical or health facilities (including urgent care), restaurants, DMVโ€™s, pharmacyโ€™s, etc.

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Question 5:
Was our store/facility clean?

While this is always important, it’s especially important during a pandemic. If you want to ensure that your customers feel safe during their visit, then this is a must have. This question applies to all businesses but we have seen it used in retirement community customers, gyms or exercise studios, airport/arena bathrooms, retail and medical.

Question 6:
What could we have done better to improve your experience?

A great open ended question that allows your customer to give you specific details about their visit and how it could have improved.

Question 7:
How likely are you to recommend [Business Name] to your friends and family?

The NPS question that companies love. Itโ€™s direct and to the point and tells you customer loyalty. The best part about this question is that it captures NPS but with a solution like SurveyStance, it allows you to ask other customized questions that can provide you with the additional details you need to improve customer experience.

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