Net Promoter Score – NPS iPad App

Generally referred to as NPS surveys, Net Promoter Score Surveys are considered to be one of the most effective surveys for any brand or business. The best thing about NPS iPad App surveys is the fact that it is extremely customer friendly. The NPS survey is one question and only takes a few seconds to complete.

NPS surveys can be collected using a number of channels. Some of the popular NPS channels have seen are iPads, SMS, Email, and Websites. With that said, any business that interacts with customers at an actual brick and mortar location (retail, restaurants, hotels, hospitality) can use iPads to collect NPS feedback. Most have found that using an iPad App to collect NPS survey results can be the best option. Just take a look at how collecting an NPS survey through an iPad can benefit any business.

NPS is Quick and Seamless

iPad NPS
iPad NPS Survey Question

Net Promoter Score iPad surveys offer a quick and seamless way to assess customer satisfaction. The NPS score is used by many businesses which makes Benchmarking easy. NPS is also a great indicator for how happy customers are. It’s a great indicator of future success as well.

Real Time Data via NPS iPad App

Using iPads as a channel for NPS surveys offers maximum customer usage. This is especially true if the business has a physical location. One of the best features about iPad based NPS surveys is the it can collect NPS live in the customer experience.

No Assistance Needed

Many businesses are starting to use iPad Kiosks for NPS surveys. This is mainly as it allows the customer to fill in the survey anonymously and in real time. Kiosk NPS Surveys are best for places where customers are at the business and interact with employees. iPad kiosk NPS surveys are designed to be left online 24/7 for customers to complete the surveys anytime. Moreover, NPS surveys conducted on iPad kiosks can be considered to be the most accurate, as they are completed without any external influence.

SurveyStance NPS Survey w/ iPad Kiosk

Feedback Kiosk Signage

SurveyStance offers the ultimate software solution for businesses. It provides a better and improved customer experience capturing NPS customer feedback. Take the business to the next level by collecting iPad based NPS surveys that are left in public areas for users to tap a number between 0-10 and give the useful feedback. At SurveyStance we are dedicated to making it quick and simple for customers to provide feedback with our iPad Survey Feedback Kiosks.

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