How to Add Feedback Surveys to Email Signature

OneClick Email Feedback

SurveyStance allows you to embed a survey within emails to collect feedback. This 1 Click Survey is easy for customers to share feedback.


Embed Survey In Email

It's easy to create a survey and add it to any email signature.

High Response Rates

Since it's quick and easy for customers so complete the survey with 1 click the response rates are very high!

Boost Online Reviews

After customer shares feedback they are directed to custom landing page to share additional comments and for positive feedback an option to post review online.

Many Use Cases

Designed to be flexible. Add a survey to your email signature, newsletters, websites, QR Codes and more.

Add Feedback Surveys within Top Email Platforms


Add directly within Microsoft Outlook Email Signature


Embed within Gmail directly with just copy/paste.

Mac Mail

Add SurveyStance Email Survey to Apple Mail Email Signature.

Easily Embed Surveys Within Platforms Quick & Easy

Wisestamp Email Signature - Embed Satisfaction Survey

If you are using Wisestamp to manage your email signature templates you can embed a SurveyStance Survey directly within your Wisestamp Email Signature Template.

Exclaimer Email Signature - Embed Feedback Survey

Looking to find out how to add a customer satisfaction survey within an Exclaimer Email Signature? SurveyStance has made it simple to create and add one-click customer feedback surveys directly to your Exclaimer email signature template.

CodeTwo Email Signature - Embed Survey in Email

CodeTwo is an email signature management platform to create email signature templates and deploy to employees. Embed a SurveyStance customer feedback survey into a CodeTwo email signature template. Great way to allows allow customers to share their feedback with a simple one click smiley survey.

Custom One Click Feedback Surveys in Email

Create a customer satisfaction survey and embed your customer feedback survey in emails and collect ongoing feedback.

  • Instant Notification Alerts
  • Summary Reporting & Dashboards
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Branding with Logos & Colors
  • Increase Online Reviews
Increase Online Reviews with Email Signature Survey