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Capture Feedback from Guests with SurveyStance On-Site Kiosks!

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SurveyStance Kiosk Example

[process_steps animation=”flip-x”][process_step title=”Select Questions” icon=”hb-moon-seven-segment-1″]Select the questions you want displayed on your SurveyStance iPad.[/process_step][process_step title=”Place iPad Kiosk” icon=”hb-moon-seven-segment-2″]Launch SurveyStance and place iPad w/ Stand in your church in a high foot traffic area.[/process_step][process_step title=”Guest Completes Survey” icon=”hb-moon-seven-segment-3″]Guest taps various happy faces as they walk by to give feedback on the question displayed on iPad.[/process_step][process_step title=”Dashboard & Notifications” icon=”hb-moon-seven-segment-4″]Review incredible dashboard reports on guest feedback. Get instant notifications for any poor feedback.[/process_step][/process_steps]

Church Service Survey Kiosk

SurveyStance allows you to capture guest feedback after church services through our on-site feedback kiosks.  Capturing feedback from church guests and members can be difficult until now, simply setup a SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk within your church and allow guests to provide feedback directly!

All the data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed via the web portal.  You can even get notifications for negative feedback and allow the guests to share more in-depth feedback.

How does SurveyStance Church Services Kiosk Work?

You can review in detail How it Works, in short SurveyStance provides everything you need (iPad, Stand, and Software).  We place the survey kiosk in heavy traffic areas around your church to maximize utilization.  Church guest survey kiosk simply walk up and provide quick feedback by tapping a range of smiley faces to respond to the corresponding survey question displayed.  Various questions can be asked such as ‘Please rate the SERVICE today’, ‘Do you plan on returning to Service next week’, etc.

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