Apartment Survey Kiosk for On-Site Resident Feedback

Capturing feedback from a resident survey at your apartment community can be a difficult endeavor until now. SurveyStance Kiosks are iPad based survey kiosks that are placed on-site within your multifamily apartment community and allows your residents to give quick feedback on a range of predefined categories.survey kiosk

The results of the resident surveys are captured and stored in the cloud for in-depth reporting for management.  Most property managers and regional managers have found on-site survey kiosks a great way to keep a pulse on residents happiness over time and recognize any major issues before they happen.

Resident Happiness = Decreased Turnover

Allowing customers to give anonymous feedback regarding the apartment community via Survey Kiosk will allow property management to centralize resident survey results and make more informed decisions to increase resident happiness.

How does it work?

  1. Enter resident survey questions into the iPad application.
  2. Launch iPad into Kiosk Mode and place iPad into locked stand.
  3. Place the Survey Kiosk indoors preferably somewhere with high foot traffic.
  4. Capture resident survey feedback via admin web portal to analyze and make informed decisions.

How do I setup an apartment survey kiosk at my community?

Contact us today to discuss how SurveyStance can partner with your property management company to setup Survey Kiosks on-site for resident feedback.  We provide everything you need including: iPad, Stand, Software, Reporting, and Instant SMS/Email Notifications (for bad reviews).

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