Got Feedback? Now what?
Tips To Best Utilize Real Time Customer Feedback

Let’s be real, anyone can capture customer feedback whether its through a conversation, written exchange or survey. But it’s how you use that data that makes the difference in you customers experience.

Here are 2 super easy tips on how you should best utilize real time customer feedback.

Positive Feedback Online Reviews

1. Tip #1 – When you receive Good Feedback:

If the feedback is positive, ask the customer for a testimonial on your business website or online review on third-party sites like Yelp, Google, facebook, G2Crowd, etc. Happy customers are usually willing to help spread the word, you just need to ask them.

If you ask while they are actively engaged with your company, they are likely to leave a review. If you wait until a later time, it decreases the chances of the participant re-engaging to leave an online review.

2. Tip #2 – When you receive Bad Feedback:

If the feedback is negative, ensure you have real-time notifications enabled. This will help you know exactly when the bad feedback is received. Real time notifications alert you or a team member (email and/or text message) and you can get out in front of the issue immediately and resolve prior to the customer leaving. 

Taking immediate action is the difference between losing a customer forever or gaining their trust and retaining their business. 

Bad Customer Feedback to Positive Experience

It’s rare to have time on your side to take an action before it’s too late. Optimize on real time feedback to promote positive online reviews. Leverage real time notifications to change catch an unhappy customer before they leave to resolve the issue and save their business. 

While some things are more easily said than done… this is NOT one of them. Need help getting it set up? Give us a call or email… as a customer, its already part of your existing plan!


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