SurveyStance is no stranger when it comes to helping businesses improve their customer survey completion rates and ultimately their customer experience. We know the functionality, customization, and service required to make our customers successful and therefore, their businesses. Read below how SurveyStance improves customer experience for a World Leading Transportation company.

The Business and Their Challenge

With a survey process in place and low responses coming in, this World Leading Transportation Solution organization realized they needed a different approach. Their current solution at the time did not offer a kiosk option. The application being used previously needed to be manually reset after each customer finished the survey which simply was not scalable nor realistic. 

It was evident to stakeholders that they needed a solution where customers actually wanted to complete the survey giving them the visibility they needed into their customers experiences, in combination with smart software for minimal hands on management.

Solutions Considered 

After meeting with several companies and discussing their needs, it was clear that even the industry leaders weren’t able to support the level of customization and functionality to scale to make the customer feedback program successful. By having trial periods with a few solutions, it became increasingly evident that having a task management system for customer follow up was not a nice to have but a must have.

The Decision

“After seeing the results come in, it was hands down SurveyStance. No question.” The increase in response rates was unfathomable making SurveyStance the undoubted choice. But beyond that, SurveyStance checked all the boxes! And then a few more 🙂
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Benefits of SurveyStance

A survey that customers wanted to take:

SurveyStance surveys are convenient, easy, quick and fun. Customers wanted to give feedback and did so without asking or being incentivized. The instant skyrocket in completed surveys spoke volumes to the software.

Capture customer sentiment in real time:

The SurveyStance Kiosk solution is able to capture the customers sentiment in real time, without requiring a staff members manual intervention. It included restart capabilities where the survey would restart after all questions were completed, and also when it was abandoned. 

Application login to view data:

The SurveyStance portal was available to unlimited users that could log into the application to see their data (and their data only) at any given time. Furthermore, SurveyStance automatically sends data daily removing the process of sorting the data and distributing it to multiple locations, saving both time and money.

Actionable data:

The data is visible in a few different ways and can be filtered by location, survey, question and by timeframe:

  1. All Ratings
  2. Ratings by Survey (a customers answers through the survey)
  3. Reporting Dashboard for a more visual summarization of the data.

“The emoji’s are tied to a numeric rating such that we can see the total and averages of the responses. There is now visibility into how many customers answered Terrific, Good, Bad, Terrible, yes/no, thumbs up/down, etc.”



They cover all the bases! SurveyStance offers…

  • Both a welcome page screen and survey completion page for a clear start and finish with custom branding options.
  • The ability to customize answer values to help drill down into specific questions.
  • Location specific devices, allowing data to be aggregated or filtered by device/location.
  • Includes conditional questioning with all surveys.
  • Several more… 

Task management functionality:

SurveyStance includes task management functionality to help support their clients in providing the highest level of service to their customers. With customer experience top of mind, the survey offered to contact the customer regarding their visit. Now, the location owners are able to manage open, pending and resolved tasks.

Remarkable Results & Statistics: 


Within the same time period of three locations on each survey platform solution, they found:


  • “For every response on the other survey platform, we received 10 on survey stance!”
    • In other words that is 10x more completion rates; or a 1,000% increase in responses!
  • Reduction in labor hours by eliminating data & reporting manipulation for individual franchise locations.
  • Root Cause Data at their fingertips.


  • Improved customer experience with the ability to receive poor experience notifications and address the issue in real time.
SurveyStance vs Qualtrics

Final Comments: 

“If you are looking for a low friction, high response survey solution that provides insight into your customers experience then SurveyStance is going to give you all of that with minimal hands on management.”
Customer Service Manager
World Leading Transportation Company

SurveyStance Feedback Survey Platforms

iPad Survey App -
Customer Feedback App

SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk is used to capture real time customer or employee feedback.

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One Click Embedded Surveys

SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk is used to capture real time customer or employee feedback.

iPad Emoji App

Capture Customer Feedback
iPad Kiosk

iPad Based App

Use the iPad and Kiosk to place within your company to collect survey feedback from customers or employees.

Feedback Survey Loop

Feedback survey will loop to the first question after each completion.

Ask Follow Up Questions

After the first survey question is answered, ask follow up questions to get additional feedback.

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