Customer Thermometer Alternative

SurveyStance – A Customer Thermometer Alternative for One Click Email Signature Surveys

SurveyStance OneClick Feedback

The SurveyStance feedback system is a Customer Thermometer Alternative to collecting customer and employee feedback. The One Click Feedback is easy to use and very effective.


Email Signature Feedback

Embed the emoji feedback survey directly within customer facing employee's email signature


Select from a range of emojis, landing pages, add your logo and branding colors to match your brand.

Dedicated Support

There is a dedicated support associate for help getting setup and ongoing support.

Increase Online Reviews

When a customer gives positive feedback then display an option to post review to Yelp, Google Reviews, etc.

Customer Thermometer Pricing vs SurveyStance

There are several reviews online about the pricing structure of Customer Thermometer.  The price of Customer Thermometer seems to be a common review on various reviews sites such as G2.

SurveyStance (Customer Thermometer Alternative) does not limit the amount of feedback that can be collected from customers within the base pricing plan.  We encourage you to collect as much as possible. SurveyStance pricing is based on the number of active surveys you have at any given time. You can read more about our pricing here.

The user looking for minimal feedback each month that wants to have many surveys might be best hosted with Customer Thermometer. With that said, if you’re looking for unlimited feedback without an increase in plan then SurveyStance might be the better option.

Customer Feedback Platform

SurveyStance offers several integrated ways to capture customer and employee feedback. We remain focused with the core products all geared towards ease of use and making feedback fun!

We're Here For You

Happy Customers

All of our billing is month to month so we are always striving to be the best partner to you.

Onboarding Support

Getting setup is simple but you're not alone. Your dedicated account rep will help you create questions, setup emails surveys and more.

Ongoing Support

If you need support we're here! You can Call, Text, Email or Open a Ticket and we will be there to support you ASAP.

Final Considerations – SurveyStance as a Customer Thermometer Alternative

One of the most important things is that your company does something to capture feedback from customers! We would be honored if you decided SurveyStance is the best alternative for you.  Your decision to use SurveyStance vs Customer Thermometer might consider a few factors.

  • How many customer feedback responses do you expect?
  • How many active surveys do you need?
  • Is increasing online reviews important?
  • Do you want to ask follow up questions?
  • Do you need custom reporting?
Increase Online Reviews with Email Signature Survey
Customer Thermometer Alternative - SurveyStance

SurveyStance - Chrome Extension

SurveyStance has recently launched a google chrome extension which allows survey admins to track back survey feedback responses to the recipient. Learn more about SurveyStance Chrome Extension!


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