Why Grocery Stores Should Use Inbound SMS for Customer Feedback.

Collecting grocery store customer feedback can be challenging.  It seems the only questions that is ever asked is “Did you find everything okay?”.  With customers being very busy and with so many grocery store options it’s imperative to continue to collect feedback from customers and work on improving. We have found a great option for grocery stores and convenance stores is to collect feedback by allowing customers to send their feedback to the store via text message.

1. High Response Rates: 

Research has shown that last year, Americans check their phones approximately 96 times a day – that’s once every 10 minutes! People are habitually on their phones. With a simple tap to open up their camera to scan the QR code, the text message automatically opens to begin typing or voice to text their feedback. Statistically, emailing customers with a link to a survey has lower open rates but SMS makes customer feedback convenient, easy and fast which all increase response rates.

2. Frictionless Feedback:

“I really want to click on a link to fill out a long survey,” said no one… ever! The best part of inbound sms is there are no links to open the survey! Throughout your store on grocery carts, store windows and doors, aisles, your customers will see your custom branded SMS stickers with your dedicated SMS number. From there, they simply open their camera to scan the QR code which automatically opens to a text message (or keypad manually,) then write feedback and send.

3. More Accurate Results:

When surveys are long and time consuming, studies have found that unhappy customers are primarily the ones completing it. By providing your customers a way to submit feedback via text message, the process is so seamless.  This yields higher feedback submissions to both positive and negative giving you a more realistic understanding of your customers’ satisfaction.

4. Department Specific Feedback:

You can have unique sms numbers by department if you want to hone into key areas like deli, produce, bakery or meat/seafood department. Simply customize department stickers/banners with their own department SMS number versus one number for the entire store. Plus, it also allows multiple feedback submissions throughout their visit resulting in higher response rates, higher accuracy and specific department ratings! I think you just hit the trifecta!

5. Higher Employee Accountability:

Data has shown that customer facing employees show higher accountability and focus on customer experience with SMS feedback present in their grocery store location. As employees interact with customers, they know that the customer can text feedback at any given time. This motivates the employee to assist the customer as best they can with every interaction.

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Check out our Emoji Survey page to get more information.  SurveyStance offers 2 other ways to make it easy to collect feedback.  Emoji based Survey Kiosk & SMS Feedback where customers can text message a dedicated number to provide feedback anytime.

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