The Happy or Not smiley kiosk terminal is a great concept! Furthermore it allows customers or employees to press an emoji to give quick feedback, so it’s very easy to use. Survey Kiosks will be the way businesses capture feedback from customers and employees in the future. As a result customers are becoming more comfortable with providing feedback with Feedback Kiosks. The following article introduces SurveyStance, who is not affiliated with Happy or Not, as an alternative to consider for collecting feedback.

Feedback Kiosk - SurveyStance
SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk Tapping Smile Happy Face or Sad Mad Face

Why is SurveyStance different than Happy or Not?

SurveyStance (Happy or Not Competitors) is an iPad based software Survey Kiosk allowing for a flexible option for the users. SurveyStance provides an iPad within a stand making up the Feedback Kiosk. This feedback kiosk can be combined with other products such as SurveyStance Inbound SMS Feedback where customers can share their feedback via SMS Text Message.

SurveyStance is…

  • iPad Based Kiosk – We provide iPad Kiosk orย Use your own iPad!
  • Starts at $39/mo and billed monthly
  • Standard Agreements are Month-to-Month (cancel anytime)
  • Designed to ask as many questions as you want
  • Modern iPad Kiosk
  • Headquartered in United States of America (USA)

ยป Create a survey with as many questions as you would like

ยป User friendly iPad based kiosk

ยป Multiple Question Input Types on both Initial Question and Follow Up Questions
4-point Scales – Several Emoji Types and Star Rating Option
5-point Scales – Several Emoji Types and Star Rating Option
2-point Scales – Thumbs Up / Down &ย Yes / No
NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey 0-10 Scale
First Question capture Free Form Text Input

Survey Feedback Kiosk
SurveyStance iPad Feedback Kiosk
Additional Happy or Not Competitors

QuickTap Survey

SurveyStance – iPad Kiosk Setup

After a few quick minutes of getting setup and the iPad in Kiosk Mode you are ready to place the iPad within the locked secure stand and start capturing feedback. We suggest you put the feedback terminal in a high traffic area and so you can collect as much customer feedback as possible.

In addition to standard emoji smiley faces to answer the questions, the user will have the ability to utilize a range of answer emojis (1-5 scale, stars, thumbs up/down, NPS and more).ย 

After the customer completes the first survey question by tapping a happy or sad smiley face they will have the option to answer as many follow up questions you want. Many customers find it insightful to ask 3-5 follow up questions.

Considering SurveyStance (Happy or Not Competitors) as an alternative when comparing feedback kiosk terminals to capture customer feedback.


For more information regarding the SurveyStance Smiley Kiosks please call or email us today! We also provide pricing to review anytime.ย  We have five star google reviews from our customers who have been great partners.ย  There are several Happy or Not Cost Pricepros and cons when considering SurveyStance vs Happy or Not and we believe both can be great options to capture customer feedback that really depend on the factors most important to you.

Make Collecting Feedback Fun Fast Quick Easy

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Additional Ways to capture Customer Feedback

SurveyStance offers 2 unique ways to capture customer feedback. In addition to the Feedback Kiosk; we also offer a OneClick Smiley Survey. This was built to embed within email signatures such as Outlook and Gmail or directly within help desk tickets or QR Codes.

We would be happy toย setup a discussion callย to share more how SurveyStance can help you collect feedback from your customers. We operate across many countries world wide and offer volume pricing based on number of kiosk devices you may need.


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