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SurveyStance (not affiliated with Happy or Not) is a world wide customer feedback platform that provides smiley feedback terminals and OneClick feedback surveys to help companies collect feedback from their customers or employees. Are you considering buying a feedback machine terminal to capture feedback from customers or employees? Or if you are just reviewing either SurveyStance and/or Happy or Not cost and benefit, here are a few things to consider prior to making a decision. The below details may be helpful when making your decision on feedback kiosk terminals for your company.

How much does Happy or Not cost?

Happy or Not is one of the largest providers of in-person feedback kiosks around the world. In an article on PC Mag, related to Happy or Not Cost, stated “Pricing varies widely depending on the customer’s needs. According to the company, a single store setup with one kiosk costs $100 per month. Prices go up from there based on the number of stations and other requirements.” Read More from PC Mag about the Happy or Not Pricing.

Type of Feedback Terminal (Digital Touch Screen vs Plastic Button Terminals)

There are several ways to collect feedback from customers and employee along with various types of feedback terminals that can be used for this collection. In our experience the type of feedback terminal selected can play a big factor into the total cost and performance.  Generally the plastic smiley button type terminals, designed to capture one question feedback, are less expensive compared to the digital touch smiley terminals.

Cost should not be the only factor when considering which terminal is best, you should also consider other factors such as the number of survey questions you want to ask and how long the terminal battery needs to last. For example, if you’re looking to only capture one question and don’t have wifi/power accessible then the plastic smiley kiosk might be your best option.Happy or Not Cost Price

Reviewing Alternative Survey Kiosk Terminal Providers – SurveyStance

Below is general information and pricing related to SurveyStance who provides survey kiosks to capture feedback from customers and employee.

SurveyStance Pricing 2023

Month to Month Agreement & Billing

$69/mo (billed monthly)

Kiosk Terminal + Monthly Service Included
(paid monthly & no long term contracts) 😍

Includes the following:

  • SurveyStance Secure Kiosk (iPad w/ Locking Floor Stand)
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Unlimited Data
  • Phenomenal Customer Support
  • Online Dashboard & Reporting w/ Weekly Email Reports
  • Instant SMS & Email Notifications
  • QR Code for Touchless Feedback
  • Open API for integrations
One time setup fee may apply, for more information around a SurveyStance feedback survey terminal we would love to help you! Please contact us at SurveyStance and a member of our team will be in touch asap. SurveyStance is NOT associated with HappyorNot and the services offered are to introduce an alternative to happy-or-not terminals for consideration. SurveyStance is a Happy or Not competitor, check out more about Happy or Not Alternatives.
Survey Feedback Kiosk

SurveyStance Products

SurveyStance offers 2 software survey products designed to make collecting feedback fun! Feedback Kiosk / OneClick Feedback. Please reach out to us anytime to setup a call. Our team will help create a customized proposal that best fits your feedback needs. We operate in many countries across the world and offer volume pricing based on number of locations and products used.

Is the Smiley Terminal Cost Worth It?

When trying to determine if the cost of a smiley terminal is worth the investment comes down to a few factors.  Since these types of smiley feedback machines are intended to collect feedback from customers or employee at a physical location, if most of your customers are not visiting a physical location then we don’t suggest using one of these smiley terminals. As an alternative we would suggest using a One Click Feedback Survey for a digital form of the feedback buttons.

Happy Touch Kiosk

Regardless of the solution you get, we truly believe the most important thing is that you collect customer feedback. One of the biggest mistakes we see is companies not have a system setup to get ongoing feedback. Get setup today and let your customers start pushing the button in 2024!

How much does a smiley terminal cost?

SurveyStance smiley terminals cost $39/mo for our software only version and $69/mo for the smiley terminal full kiosk.

Emoji Smiley Survey - 5 Point Scale


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