How to Get High Survey Response Rates Using One Click Surveys

Learn more about how to increase survey response rates with OneClick Surveys.

Traditional survey response rates tend to have lower completion rates, mainly because they are time consuming.  Several organizations focus on obtaining email addresses and sending long surveys for feedback.  If you want to increase your survey completion rates, One Click Surveys are the perfect solution because they are quick, convenient, and always available! 

Here are 3 tips to increase your One Click Survey response rates:

1. Make It Easy:

High Survey Response Rates

If your customer has to click a link to open a survey, you’ve already reduced your response rates in half! Studies have shown that allowing one click feedback increases your response rates significantly. Many companies have implemented one click surveys in their email signature for their customer feedback because the survey is embedded in the email itself making it easy to find, and easy to complete.

2. Keep It Short:

The cardinal rule about asking for feedback is keeping it short. Bottom line; don’t have long surveys! It’s been shown that asking for feedback in steps increases high response rates. First capture the initial feedback and then allow for additional feedback. As a third step, you can offer to post positive feedback on social media.

3. Feedback is Always Welcome:

We have seen time and time again that asking for feedback once in an email, the survey is more than likely ignored and forgotten. If your employee has a feedback survey in their initial email as well as all response emails, you are instantaneously going to increase response rates. This also allows for feedback not just once but several times yielding even higher response rates!

Check out this article on How to Get Customers to to take Customer Feedback Surveys for more tips to increase response rates!

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Survey Response Rates
Frequently Asked Questions

Do embedded surveys get higher response rates?

Yes, we have seen a big increase in survey response rates when the survey is embedded into an email or website.  This is mainly because it’s quick and easy to share the feedback and customers do not need to click a link to start a survey. We have seen some customers receive more than 10x the amount of survey response rates compared to traditional link based surveys.

What is a good survey response rate?

A good survey response rate can range from 20% to 40% while response rates upwards of 60% are considered to be excellent. This can depending on whether you are sending employee survey vs customer surveys.

What is an average survey response rate?

An average survey response rate when sending customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys is around a 20% response rate. The typical survey response rate from employee feedback tends to be slightly higher around 30% as an average response rate to be considered acceptable. To increase the typical response rate for surveys the key is making the survey quick and fun.

How do you calculate survey response rate?

To calculate a survey response rate you first need to determine the total number of surveys that were completed and divide that number by the amount of surveys you sent out. This will give you the survey response rate as a percentage.

Example: Sent 100 Surveys & 40 Responded

40/100 = 40%

How do I get high survey response rates?

Getting high survey response rates is simple and can be summed up in 3 words. Make It Easy. Just make it easy for your customers to complete the survey. This is why One Click Feedback is gaining popularity as it’s quick and easy to share feedback resulting in high survey response rates!

In a Study done at Michigan State University found that a major factor that impacts high survey response rates is the combined use of multiple points for feedback to be given. Relying on only one feedback method at one point in time will not yield the highest response rates

What is an average survey response rate 2024?

We have seen a survey response rate average using (OneClick surveys) of anywhere between 15% on the low end to 65% on the high end.  This can be compared to traditional survey (via email links) at an average 5% to 10%. The main difference between One Click Surveys and traditional email link surveys is the amount of friction. It’s much easier to simply click an emoji within an email signature to share feedback vs clicking a link which redirects to the survey.

When it come to the average employee survey response rate this can vary much greater as employees can experience ‘survey fatigue’ where the survey response rates start very high and then drop after a period of time. We have seen an average response rate for employee surveys range from 30% on the low to 85% on the high end initially. Typical response rate for surveys in the workplace are between 40% – 70% based on what we have seen within our surveys.

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Check out our Emoji Survey page to get more information.  SurveyStance offers 2 other ways to make it easy to collect feedback.  Emoji based Survey Kiosk & SMS Feedback where customers can text message a dedicated number to provide feedback anytime. Furthermore, here is additional studies on Survey Response Rates.


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