An Ombea Alternative for Customer Feedback Terminals

SurveyStance Kiosk

The SurveyStance kiosk is an Ombea Alternative to collecting customer and employee feedback. The iPad based system allows for an easy to use terminal that is fully customizable.


iPad & Stand Included

SurveyStance provides the iPad and Locking Stand as part of the terminal kiosk. There is also an option to use your own iPad and pay a reduce rate.


The feedback survey is fully customizable. Change the questions, smiley emojis, landing page, add a logo and more.

Dedicated Support

There is a dedicated support associate for help getting setup and ongoing support.

Custom Reporting

SurveyStance offers custom reporting (at no extra charge) so you can view your survey results however you need.

Customer Feedback - Core Business

In addition to feedback systems Ombea offers other products such as audience polling systems. SurveyStance remains focused with the core products all geared towards collecting customer feedback.

Touchless Buttons for Feedback Input

Ombea feedback terminals have recently become touchless, most likely as a response from COVID-19.  This is an innovate way to allow customers to share their feedback without having to touch any surface!  SurveyStance as an Ombea alternative has worked towards solving this problem with QR Codes at the feedback terminal.  This allows the customer or employee to scan a QR code at the terminal which will allow them to complete the survey on their phone.

Ombea Alternative

We're Here For You

Happy Customers

We thrive on your success. We are dedicated to making sure you are beyond satisfied.

Onboarding Support

Getting setup is a breeze but we're still here for you. We help you develop questions, setup reports and more.

Ongoing Support

Once you are setup and need support we're still there! Call, Text, Email or Open a Ticket and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Final Considerations as SurveyStance as an Ombea Alternative

We believe the most important thing is that you do something to collect feedback from your customers! Of course we would love if you decided SurveyStance was a better alternative for your company.  The decision to use SurveyStance vs Ombea should come down to a few factors.

  • Battery Powered vs Power Plug Required?
  • How Important are Touchfree Buttons for Feedback?
  • How Customized do you need the Feedback Terminal?
  • Asking 1 question or multiple questions?
  • How often will the question change?


We offer several ways to help streamline the customer and employee feedback intake process. We are obsessed with finding ways to remove the friction and make sharing feedback (good or bad) quick and easy. This can increase customer happiness, increase response rates and give the insights really needed to help make informed decisions about your business to always be improving. Reach out to our team to discuss next steps and we can create a Feedback Action Plan tailored to your business.


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