QR Code Customer Feedback Survey

Using QR Codes in our every day (touchfree) life has almost become a standard. Everyday people are scanning qr codes to view restaurant menus, check in forms and more. QR Codes can also be an excellent way to collect customer feedback in real time. Companies are posting QR code survey signage, printing the qr code survey on customer receipts and even embedding the qr codes into presentations to collect feedback.

Where to Post QR Codes

When using QR codes to accept customer feedback in real time, the placement of the QR codes is very important. Placing the qr code should be highly visible to increase survey response rates. Looking for prime time qr code locations for your business? 

These hot spots are perfect real estate to ensure you get the feedback you need.

    • Across the board: Entrance and exit door and bathroom mirror stickers
    • Retail and Restaurants: Check out counter table tents, waiting area stickers, dressing room stickers, curbside pickup banners, table top stickers or table tents.
    • Healthcare Facilities: Front desk check in, waiting area stickers, patient rooms, 
    • Residential & Senior Living Communities: Main office, elevators, cafe/ cafeteria, pool entrance/exit, and on menu/ food service trays.
    • Hospitality: Front desk check-in, postcards at check-in and check-out, elevators, guest rooms, restaurant entrance, restaurant table top, concierge, gift shop, on premise activity entrances (gym, pool, spa, tennis, golf, yoga, etc.), and valet signs.
  • On Campus: Admissions, visitor parking area, dining hall, athletic center, library, student affairs and other common area lounge areas.
  • In the Office: meeting conference rooms, break rooms, kitchen area and lounge common areas.

Best Practice Tips when using QR Codes to collect feedback from Customer or Employees

  1. Quick Tip #1: Grab your customers’ attention! Attach a poster asking for feedback with a large image of the QR code onto your iPad survey app kiosk so that your customer quickly understands what it is and easily scans the code.
  2. Quick Tip #2: Short Surveys = High Volume. Limit your survey to 3-7 questions for higher response rates.
  3. Quick Tip #3: “Location, Location, Location!” Strategically place your Survey QR Code stickers, banners, table tents in high traffic areas where your customers or employees can see the Survey Question and be able to easily scan the qr code.

Using QR Codes with Feedback Kiosk

Using a QR code survey in combination with feedback kiosks provides two ways for one tap feedback from your customers resulting in more feedback! This is a great way to offer onsite surveys with a touchless experience for those on the go! This way you don’t have to lose out on valuable information from customers in a rush. By simply opening their camera, scanning the code, they can complete your QR code customer feedback satisfaction survey questions from their smartphone. 

Popular QR Code Customer Feedback Use Cases

Whether you are capturing feedback from your customers or your employees, maybe even both, here are some use cases on how these savvy businesses were able to grow their business using QR code customer feedback.

Use Case Feedback from Customers

Restaurants & Retail


Senior Living Communities

Grocery Store

Table Tents or Stickers

Post patient appt or stay

Cafeteria or Meal Service  Feedback

Department Feedback: Bakery, Deli, Meat & Seafood, Floral, etc.

Restroom mirrors


COVID safety

Staff helpful

Department Feedback


COVID mental wellness

Food/ Item inventory


Check out timeliness


COVID cleanliness

Results: Employee Accountability, Increase employee morale

Use Case Feedback from Employee



& Retail




Post Meeting 

Beginning of employee shift

COVID safety


All Hands Company Feedback

End of employee shift

COVID mental wellness


Team building


Onboarding / Training feedback


Virtual Meeting / presentations


Employee NPS / Attrition


SurveyStance QR Code Feedback Package

Strapped for time? No worries, SurveyStance has got you covered. We make it easy for you to launch your QR feedback project in 5 easy steps giving you everything you need every step of the way!

  1. Survey & Questions
    1. Our supercool survey team can guide you starting with the questions you should ask to setting it up in your account and iPad
  2. Survey QR Code
    1. With just one click, SurveyStance creates your custom QR code where you can choose customizable colors to align with your brand
  3. Survey Stickers or Banners
    1. Simply take a look at SurveyStance’s library of templated artwork stickers/banners and pick one to use for your feedback project
  4. Finalize
    1. Once we have the green light from you, stickers will arrive to your location within 10 business days (unless you prefer to download and print yourself immediately)
  5. Start your survey!
    1. Place your stickers in high traffic areas and begin capturing valuable customer feedback!