Quick Tap Survey Alternative 😍🙌🏼 Feedback

SurveyStance as an alternative to Quick Tap Survey to capture feedback from customers and employees.

A QuickTap Survey Alternative for Customer Feedback Surveys


SurveyStance - Feedback Kiosks

The SurveyStance feedback system is a Quick Tap Survey Alternative used for collecting customer and employee feedback. Extremely high response rates with insightful results.

Crazy High Response Rates

Since it's so quick and easy to share feedback, these types of emoji surveys get very high response rates.

One Tap Feedback

Setup a feedback survey kiosk and allow customers to share feedback by quickly tapping an emoji or smiley.


Select from a range of emojis, welcome screens, even add your logo and custom branding colors to tie in your brand.

Dedicated Support

All customers have a dedicated support rep to assist in the setup and all ongoing help.

iPad & Stand Included

Not only do provide all the feedback software, we also have pricing plans that include the iPad and Stand for an easy solution.

Customer Feedback Kiosks

SurveyStance is focused on helping companies collect more feedback from customers. Our solutions are designed for customers to share quick feedback by removing the friction in the feedback survey process.

Feedback Kiosk is an iPad based Kiosk that allows you to create custom questions that customers complete with a few quick taps of the screen.  

Customer Feedback Platform

SurveyStance offers several integrated ways to capture customer and employee feedback. We remain focused with the core products all geared towards ease of use and actionable feedback!

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Happy Customers

All of our billing is month to month so we are always striving to be the best partner to you.

Onboarding Support

Getting setup is simple but you're not alone. Your dedicated account rep will help you create questions, setup emails surveys and more.

Ongoing Support

If you need support we're here! You can Call, Text, Email or Open a Ticket and we will be there to support you ASAP.

What is a quick tap survey?

A quick tap survey is a customer feedback survey that can be completed with a few quick taps of the screen. This type of feedback survey generally has a higher response rate since it’s quick and easy to complete.

Quick & Easy Surveys

One of the most important things when setting up these types of quick tap surveys is you make it easy for the customer.  This is why we see such high survey response rates.  As a general rule, the easier you make it for the customer to complete the survey, the higher the survey response rate will be.

Quick Tap Survey

We have seen that surveys with 3-5 questions perform the best. This is quick enough for customers and still provides the insights that help make decisions.

WiFi Offline, Not a Problem! Collecting customer feedback can be done offline, this is most common when WiFi drops. When the iPad goes offline the survey or survey app will not be impacted. Customers continue to tap feedback on the app and the survey results are stored on the local iPad. Once the internet is connected again the results will be synced to the portal where you can access anytime.

Survey Feedback Kiosk

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