Accept inbound feedback through text messages from your customers!

SMS Text Feedback:
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Popular Features

Instant Feedback

Receive customer feedback in instantly via text message survey and respond in real time!

Auto Responders

Create a custom auto reply message for when customers text your sms number.


Customer feedback dashboards to view results and sms survey messages.

Print Templates Provided

Use provided materials to display around your business with your text message number to maximize customer feedback.

Give Customers a Voice

Your customers want to be heard! Give them a voice directly to you and resolve BEFORE they share a bad experience online.

Frictionless Feedback

Your customers are already texting, let them easily share their feedback in a comfortable and easy format!

SMS Feedback: Includes Dedicated Texting Number, Unlimited Messages, Unlimited Users, Notifications and Reporting Dashboards!

The SurveyStance SMS Text Survey Software is an innovative yet simple way to collect feedback from customers in real time.  Almost all of your customers have a cell phone and can send a test message to give feedback for your business.

Our pricing options are billed monthly and our agreements are all month-to-month so you can cancel anytime.  We understand if we keep impressing you then you won’t cancel!Allow customers to SMS Text you direct feedback.
Dedicated SMS Texting Number Provided.

Customer SMS Message Feedback


Popular Industries:

Retail & Grocery
Bathrooms, Lobby, Co-Working
Colleges, Schools, and University
Office Buildings Workplace

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