How Feedback Leads to Improved Senior Living Experiences

Creating a Feedback System within your Senior Living Facility can drastically help boost resident living experiences.

Independent Senior Living Feedback Surveys


Senior living resident surveys have tremendous impact for those currently living on the grounds as well as those seeking a new home. 

Making a move to a senior living residence is a difficult next step in many peoples’ lives. When that decision is made, finding the right, high-quality residence comes next, often with incredible difficulty. Word of mouth and one-sided opinions are often the only feedback resident candidates and their families trust. Current residents may feel that their views and needs aren’t being addressed and feel helpless in generating change. Even within the residence, staff and administration may not fully understand what the facility is doing right and what could be improved.

Luckily, quick survey tools, like SurveyStance, offer simple, swift, and measurable solutions to senior living resident surveys. Staff can immediately analyze and implement fixes to improve service quality, food, cleanliness, and even use positive and improved results in external marketing. These surveys are proven to lead to better senior living experience as a result of the important feedback received. And its because the feedback is given by their most important audience; those living there.

Senior Living Dining as an Experience

When choosing a senior living residence, food quality and dining experience is a top contender along with access to care, staff’s attentiveness, and cleanliness. Many checklists encourage those who are considering a residence to stay for lunch or dinner to receive the full experience as a resident and taste the freshness and quality of food. However, even with savvy shoppers, food complaints are still in the top five frustrations for senior living resident survey stats.

Senior Living - Resident Survey

These complaints vary from taste, variety, presentation, freshness, and overall experience. The menu may become too repetitive, or a new vendor may not produce the quality of food seniors are accustomed to. For staff and administration to quickly recognize and address the problem, fun and easy to use survey kiosks consisting of an iPad and SurveyStance’s four face rating scale help quickly collect data from the seniors’ dining experience. By having dining surveys in the senior living facility, they will be able to quickly identify where their residents are dissatisfied by asking what their main issues are. Questions to ask residents about satisfaction can range from cuisine types, quality of food, overall taste, preparation, etc.

Residents involved in a senior living satisfaction survey, especially surrounding their meals, carry more trust in the residence and increase their overall happiness. Just like any service-based company, customer feedback is crucial to securing customer happiness. Improving the dining experience is a quick win for senior living management.

Surveys Identify Gaps in Healthcare

While not as attention-grabbing as food, caretaker attentiveness is a primary indicator of a senior’s experience in a senior living residence. Caring, passionate, and responsive staff increases the happiness of seniors, while alternatively, having inattentive or impersonal staff creates a damaging atmosphere for seniors. Many staff members are attentive, but seniors still see issues with the service they provide. The best way to measure how your residents feel and think about their care is through surveys. A senior living community survey using emoji’s not only allow your residents voices to be heard but it also allows you to quickly pinpoint where there are challenges amongst the staff that need to be addressed. 

With immediate feedback from a senior living resident survey, staff and administration can observe what areas remain overlooked. Are some seniors genuinely lacking care? Is care taking too long to arrive? Are individual caregivers more attentive or have better bedside manner than others? Feedback through SurveyStance provides measurable and instant results from which management can derive the appropriate actions to take to improve customer experience.

Questions related to gaps in care that surveys answer:

  • Are you satisfied with the quality of service?
  • Was assistance received promptly?
  • Overall, how would you rate your experience?


Cleanliness Improves Wellbeing

Seniors who live in clean residencies generally not only receive better care but are healthier overall. It’s important to sustain a healthy living environment such as dust and surface bacteria, for those in an assisted living residence or senior living residence and may not have strong immune systems. Unfortunately, facilities can sometimes slack in certain areas or not clean to the standards of the residents. Cleanliness also ensures that both communal and individual areas are cleaned and clear of objects that may induce a fall. Conducting a senior living resident survey can help identify issues senior residents experience.

Sample questions for cleanliness include:

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with the cleanliness of the residence?
  • Are you satisfied with the cleanliness of the dining area/activity room/etc.?
  • Are you satisfied with how often vacuuming/dusting/etc. is conducted?

Involving the Family Increases Everyone’s Happiness

Sometimes, family members of residents are more critical of the senior living residence than the seniors themselves. Managers must understand the point of view of the family. They want to ensure their loved one receives high-quality care in their absence. It’s important that they have the opportunity to share feedback as well through an assisted living family satisfaction survey. Some residents may not always feel comfortable sharing feedback also so by allowing their family to do so on their behalf should be encouraged.

Senior living residencies can not only provide the internal results of their surveys, but they can also ask for feedback from non-residents. Non-resident questions can include and certainly are not limited to:

  • Are you satisfied with the level of communication from the senior living residence?
  • Is your senior satisfied with their care/food/residence cleanliness?
  • How would you rate the senior living residence during your last visit?

Benefits of SurveyStance for Senior Living Resident Survey

– We make customer feedback fun and engaging with our emoji survey kiosks!
– Our surveys are quick and easy to use, so you can get the feedback you need fast
– Our emoji surveys are perfect for getting customer feedback in a fun and informal way
– Keep your customers happy by giving them the chance to provide feedback in a way that makes them feel appreciated

Also remember, resident satisfaction survey senior living can help boost not only resident satisfaction but also employee morale!

Senior Living Resident Survey Conclusion

Measurable data via survey feedback will improve the overall senior living experience in a multitude of ways, inclusive of dining, care taking, service, and family comfortability.

The grumpy, unhappy senior in a living residence is a typical Hollywood trope that uses legitimate complaining as humor. However, often verbal and written feedback that doesn’t feed into a single source is easily overlooked. Many times complaints are recorded on paper, rather than originating and staying electronic.

SurveyStance offers a simple, anonymous solution to receiving feedback and making life-changing decisions for those in a vulnerable stage of life. Management can quickly identify unhappy and happy trends within their residence and act accordingly. Improving happiness within senior living residencies does not need to be complicated. Four descriptive emoji faces are enough to understand the overall trend of customer experience.

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