Innovative Way to Collect Employee Feedback without Email Surveys

SurveyStance has an innovative way companies can implement an employee feedback survey and capture feedback, ideas, suggestions and more from employees.  An in depth survey sent to associates via email is the traditional approach we see companies take.  The traditional email survey may still work for detailed annual surveys, the Feedback Kiosk is the newest way companies are capturing real time feedback from employees on an ongoing basis.

Feedback Kiosks are easy to use terminals.  Employees can give quick feedback on the kiosks that are placed placed around the office. As an example, the feedback can be on various topics such as “Do you feel valued at XYZ Company?”.  Additionally, as employees give the company anonymous feedback the results are sent to the web based portal.  The survey admins can access a range of reports and dashboard to review feedback and trending.

How do I get anonymous employee feedback?

Employee feedback being anonymous is one of the best parts of the Employee Feedback Kiosks. Employees will be more truthful if they know the feedback is anonymous.  Studies have shown that even email surveys that claim ‘anonymous’ still come with a level of employee skepticism. By capturing feedback on a kiosk this can help build employee trust and confidence.

Questions to ask for Feedback from Employees?Smiley Feedback Kiosk Stand

We have worked with a wide range of companies around the world.  Because we have worked with so many companies to capture Employee Feedback we can help you create and setup your survey questions.  As an example, we found it best to ask employees questions like ‘Would you recommend XYZ Company to a friend or family member?”.  This is a typical NPS (Net Promotor Score) type questions that helps determine if the employee is happy or not.

Employee Feedback Survey in a world with COVID 19

Today Employees are busier than ever and very uncertain trying to adapt in this new COVID world. Coronavirus is putting added stress on many and company culture can change on a dime. Therefore this can allow you to be able to redirect quickly as needed.  Companies all over the world who are using SurveyStance Employee Feedback Kiosk are able to determine in real time how employees are feeling.  By capturing the feedback, this allows them to determine if associates and teams are happy or not. Finally allowing them to using the data to make quick decisions and adapt on the fly where needed.


How do you gauge employee satisfaction?

The employee satisfaction survey kiosks allow the admin user to setup multiple questions.  The survey admin can control everything from the web portal and can be done in various parts of the business.  Key stake holders will receive a detailed employee gauge survey report each week and month. The team can review and determine what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Finally, to learn more about how you can use an Employee Survey Kiosk at your business to capture employee feedback please contact SurveyStance today!

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Where to use an Employee Feedback Survey?

Employee feedback surveys are key when trying to keep a pulse on employee happiness at all levels. This includes front line employee feedback, feedback about managers and leadership teams and even feedback about specific meetings that are being held (All Hand Meeting Feedback, Team Meeting Feedback).

We have found it best to keep the feedback loop open for employee feedback anytime the associates have something to share.  Waiting for a quarterly or worse an annual survey limits the results to how happy the employee was in the point of time.

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