Innovative Way to Capture Employee Feedback Surveys without Email Links

Collect employee feedback with these innovative ideas companies are using as an alternative to sending emails with survey links.

Can you relate to losing employees due to low morale or leaving work day after day with the weight of a negative company culture? We feel ya. Every company has been there. Employee feedback is such a great source of information not only to reduce turnover but to make everyones work days more enjoyable. And the solution is simple. SurveyStance has an innovative way companies can implement an employee feedback survey and capture feedback, ideas, suggestions and more from employees.  An in depth survey sent to associates via email is the traditional approach we see companies take… or asking the tough questions in exit interviews when its too late.  Sure, the traditional email survey may still work for detailed annual surveys, but let’s bring you up to speed on how you should be capturing feedback that will make a difference. Feedback Kiosks are the newest way companies are capturing real time feedback from employees on an ongoing basis. Why?  Because they are quick and easy, convenient and fun!

Feedback Kiosks are easy to use terminals.  Employees can give quick feedback on the kiosks that are placed placed around the office. As an example, the feedback can be on various topics such as “Do you feel valued at XYZ Company?”.  Additionally, as employees give the company anonymous feedback the results are sent to the web based portal.  The survey admins can access a range of reports and dashboard to review feedback and trending.


How do I get anonymous employee feedback?

Employee feedback really should be anonymous and that is one of the best parts of the Employee Feedback Kiosks. Employees will be more truthful when giving feedback about their managers if they know the feedback is anonymous. Studies have shown that even email surveys that claim ‘anonymous’ still come with a level of employee skepticism. By capturing employee engagement feedback on a kiosk can help build employee/manager trust and confidence.

Co-Founder and COO of Tutor the People, Eliza Nimmich, has been focused on capturing employee feedback and has experienced similar findings.

Through engaging with the team and ensuring the input remains confidential, we have seen an increase in completion rates. Sharing the conclusions summary and acting on feedback will guarantee that subsequent surveys are indeed well received.

Questions to ask for Feedback from Employees?Smiley Feedback Kiosk Stand

We have worked with a wide range of companies around the world.  Because we have worked with so many companies to capture Employee Feedback we can help you create and setup your survey questions.  As an example, we found it best to ask employees questions like “How was your workday today?”. Another option is  ‘Would you recommend XYZ Company to a friend or family member?”. This is a typical NPS (Net Promotor Score) type questions that helps determine if the employee is happy or not.

Matt Scott, owner of Termite Survey, asks employees “what they like most and like least about their work, what holds them in the business and what will inspire them to pursue other options”. This allows managers to use that information to build ‘stay plans’ for the best performers. This strategy helps increase retention and prevents turnover. Matt has been a business owner in Silver Springs, Maryland for more than 10 years and continues to focus on employee feedback surveys for continuous improvement.

Employee Feedback Examples

Employee Feedback Kiosks and QR Code Surveys are 2 most popular examples for collecting employee feedback. These are great options for companies looking to capture anonymous employee feedback with a high response rate.

QR Code Employee
Feedback Survey

One Tap Employee
Survey Kiosk

How do you gauge employee satisfaction?

Ask and act! Ravi Parikh, CEO, RoverPass shared that they have tried numerous ways to take the temperature of the culture, and one way that was most effective was getting quotes from the employees to put on the ‘About Us’ page. They simply asked “What do you like about working here?”, and found it was enjoyable for everyone to learn what their employees liked best.

“You certainly don’t want to wait until they are an ex-employee and bad mouth the company on Glassdoor”
Ravi Parikh
CEO, RoverPass.
The employee satisfaction survey kiosks allow the admin user to setup multiple questions.  The survey admin can control everything from the web portal and can be done in various parts of the business.  Key stake holders will receive a detailed employee gauge survey report each week and month. The team can review and determine what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Finally, to learn more about how you can use an Employee Survey Kiosk at your business to capture employee feedback please contact SurveyStance today!

If you would like more information about how SurveyStance can help your company capture employee feedback and increase employee engagement, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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Where to use an Employee Feedback Survey?

An Employee feedback survey is key when trying to keep a pulse on employee happiness at all levels. This includes front line employee feedback, feedback about managers and leadership teams and even feedback about specific meetings that are being held (All Hand Meeting Feedback, Team Meeting Feedback).

We have found it best to keep the feedback loop open for employee feedback anytime the associates have something to share.  Waiting for a quarterly or worse an annual survey limits the results to how happy the employee was in the point of time.

There are several benefits of employee feedback survey. Check out this great article on How to Increase Employee Performance for Your At Home Remote Team.

Employee Feedback Survey
World Class Support Team

World Class Support Team

If you have any questions about how your company can best use SurveyStance to collect feedback, we have an amazing team ready to help!

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Employee Feedback Survey

SurveyStance provides an anonymous employee feedback app (Employee Feedback Kiosk) to allow anonymous feedback in real-time. The SurveyStance employee survey kiosk is iPad based and designed for easy use.  Just create your first Employee Survey and launch it on any kiosk in a matter of minutes.  While we do a great job at Employee Feedback Kiosks, we’re even better at Employee Feedback Data! We understand that you may be looking to capture employee feedback to get data and without it, well it’s basically pointless.

Capturing employee feedback through standard email surveys tend not to yield great results.  We have spent years developing Survey Stance Kiosks which we believe is the best way for you to get the highest survey results from employee feedback.

How does SurveyStance Employee Kiosk Work?

iPad Emoji App

You can review in detail How it Works, in short we provide you with a SurveyStance Employee Feedback Kiosk (iPad, Stand, and Software) to place in heavy traffic areas around your company.  Employees can provide your company or department quick feedback by completing a survey by tapping a range of smiley faces to respond to the corresponding survey question displayed on the Feedback Kiosk.

Measure Employee Survey Feedback Results

Once employees start to respond to the survey kiosk those feedback results will be sent to the cloud and aggregated for detail reporting viewable by management.  You can then begin to track employee happiness over time, employee happiest time of day/day of week, and  much more.  You will also have access to optional free form text left by the employees.

How to Measure Employee Engagement

Measuring employee engagement and happiness can be difficult.  Most companies today seek employee engagement feedback through online employee surveys once or twice a year.  As your company grows it becomes increasingly challenging to not only capture employee feedback but to also take the feedback and make necessary changes to improve the culture and other aspects of the business.

Your business is like a massive ship headed somewhere far away.  If you wait too long to make course corrections it may be too late and you will spend a lot of time and effort over correcting and navigating the wrong way.

Many companies are using Employee Survey Kiosks to capture feedback on an ongoing basis to allow them to pivot quicker when needed.  Employee Feedback Kiosks are simple to use and placed around the office and displays several important questions the company is interested in measuring.

Employee Engagement Metrics

SurveyStance offers an iPad based feedback kiosk that is locked inside a stand and placed within the company.  Many companies are asking questions like “Do you feel valued at ” and “How was your work day today?”.  Everyday feedback is sent to the cloud where the designated employee admins have access to a backend portal where they can view employee engagement results summarized in several reports/dashboards. These easy to digest employee engagement metrics can help ensure you are well connected to your employees to make the right decisions.

Employee Feedback Survey Questions

If you are stuck on what employee feedback survey questions to ask, below are a few of the most popular and effective questions we have seen.

  • How are you feeling about the direction of the company?
  • How would you rate the overall culture within the {company}{team}?
  • Do you leave work feeling fulfilled most days?
  • Have you considered finding a new job in the last 60 days?
  • Would you recommend {company} as a place to work?

Employee Feedback Survey Questions for Managers

If you are a manager within your company and want to create a survey for employees, check out some of the below to get started.

Here are some employee feedback questions that managers can ask:

    1. What do you like most about your job?
    2. What do you find most challenging about your job?
    3. How can you best be supported in your role?
    4. What opportunities for growth and development would you like to see in your role?
    5. How do you feel we communicate within our direct team?
    6. Do you feel you have the resources and support needed to do your job effectively?
    7. How do you feel about the work-life balance within the team?

SurveyStance – Employee Feedback Survey

If your company is looking to capture ongoing feedback from employees in an anonymous way then we suggest you consider SurveyStance Employee Feedback Kiosk.

If you would like to request more information about how SurveyStance can help your company capture employee feedback to increase employee engagement please let us know and someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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