Customer Feedback Options

SurveyStance has 3 platforms for restaurant customer feedback.

Setup an iPad based feedback kiosk in your restaurant and allow customers to share quick feedback about their experience.


Print and post QR Codes around your restaurant and allow customers to scan the QR Code survey to share some quick feedback. 

Restaurant Customer Feedback Kiosk

Feedback Kiosks are ideal for restaurants with high traffic such as Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), Fast Casual Restaurants, Franchise Restaurants and Take Out Restaurants.

iPad Based Kiosk

Customers can quickly complete survey by taping smiley faces on the tablet. Ask multiple questions and capture optional customer contact information.

SurveyStance can provide the kiosk (iPad & Secure Stand) or you can use your own.

Reporting & Analysis

Actionable reports and dashboards make it easy to see trends and take action.

QR Code
Restaurant Customer Feedback

QR Codes are a great way to get feedback from customers within your restaurant. Scan the QR Code with you camera app and get redirected to a OneClick Emoji Survey to share feedback.

Post QR Code Anywhere

Place individual QR Codes on each table in your dining room, at the checkout counter, near the food pickup area or even on receipts.

OneClick Feedback

The QR Code will open a website where your customers are presented with the survey question and 4 smiley emojis to answer the survey question similar to the survey below.

One Click Feedback

RIP Receipt Surveys

Get 10x the customer feedback
  • Get immediate higher response volume
  • Receive real time customer sentiment
Restaurant Customer Feedback App Survey Kiosk

Restaurant Types and Popular Use Cases

SurveyStance helps restaurants get feedback from their customers. Below are some popular restaurant types and popular use cases.

Fast Casual Restaurants can benefit from customer feedback. The problem many fast casual restaurants have is their customers come and go without knowing who they are. This makes it hard to send them a survey asking for their feedback. Below are some common use cases that other fast casual restaurants are doing to collect feedback from their customers.

    • Feedback Kiosks are the best way to get feedback from your customers. Setup a survey kiosk near the food pick up counter, soda fountain or near the trash cans.
    • QR Code Survey Feedback is another ideal way to let your customers share feedback for restaurants. Most fast casual restaurants will place the QR Code on the actual tables (either sticker or table tent), near the checkout, on the receipt or even in the bathrooms to ensure cleanliness.

QSR customer feedback can also be challenging to get. Your QSR customers are usually busy and in a hurry. Asking them to complete a long survey will only attract the extremes (very angry or very happy).

    • Feedback Kiosks are usually the best way to collect customer feedback for quick serve restaurants.  Placing the customer feedback device near the pickup counter, register or near the exit will maximize the response rates.
    • QR Codes can be used to collect feedback for QSRs. We recommend placing the QR Code on each table (sticker on the table, table tent or sticker on the napkin holder). The QR code can also be posted on the wall or in the bathroom.

Customer feedback for Casual Dining Restaurants and Cafes Collecting customer feedback within casual dining sit down restaurants is a must. Customer expectations are higher compared to QSR and Fast Casual. Giving your customers an easy way to share their feedback will help you improve and can increase online reviews.

    • QR Code is another great option for casual dining restaurants to get feedback from customers. We recommend placing the QR code on each table (either table tent or sticker) and also include it within the guest check presenter. This is ideal to ask the guests feedback after their meal.

Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Setup a one tap feedback kiosk within your restaurant and allow guests to quickly share their feedback in the moment.

Customer Feedback Survey Kiosk

Place Feedback Survey QR Codes around your restaurant or at the dining tables to allow guests to scan QR Code and complete a quick feedback survey.

QR Code Feedback Survey

Request Info Packet

Receive our restaurant customer feedback info packet with detailed product information, pricing, use cases and more.

Restaurant Survey Questions Examples

To be most effective in your restaurant customer feedback surveys you must ask relevant survey questions. Below are some of the most effective survey questions we have seen.

Your Restaurant can't Survive
without Customer Feedback


percent of restaurants close within 5 years


percent of restaurants need customers


seconds for customers to share feedback


minutes to setup SurveyStance account

Popular Uses for Restaurant Customer Feedback

Here are some ideas on where and how to use SurveyStance for feedback surveys

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