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You know those airport feedback survey’s (Smiley Surveys) found in Airport Bathrooms or near the or Security Checkpoints? These type of airport bathroom surveys are popping up everywhere, and for a great reason! These smiley face feedback buttons make it quick and easy for travelers to share feedback and for airport staff to really understand traveler feedback. We found that customers are too busy to give feedback especially within an airport while traveling.  Tapping a smiley button to give the feedback on the kiosk takes less than a few seconds. Most find it easy to understand, tap a happy face button or sad face button to rate your experience in real time.

Why all airports should have survey feedback buttons?

All airports should have some type of Feedback Kiosk to allow travelers to to share their experience quick and easy.  Most airports have found the staff actually performs better when they know they are being measured with these smiley face kiosks.  This is not unique to airports, businesses around the world are using SurveyStance Feedback Kiosks to ask both Employees and Customers important survey questions to see if they are happy.

SurveyStance Airport Survey Feedback
SurveyStance Airport Bathroom Survey Feedback Kiosk. Capture feedback in Real Time.


Airport Smiley Button Survey – Best Use Cases

Restrooms / Bathrooms: Setting up an airport bathroom survey to make sure it is clean at all times is very important. Monitor the cleanliness of rest rooms at the airport to take necessary steps and follow the highest standards of cleanliness for passengers.

Check-In: Measure the ease and comfort level of the flight check-in service at the airport.

Security Check: Find out how efficient and friendly your TSA security checkpoint service is.

Restaurants: Identify ways in which you can ensure the customers are satisfied when eating at the restaurants.

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Survey Software & Kiosk All-In-One

For many people, air travel is a weekly or more frequent routine. Asking for feedback from such flyers is important to get more accurate data for improving your services and overall experience.

At SurveyStance, we help you find the ultimate software solutions for your airport that can help improve the experience of a customers. Airport smiley button surveys are not just quick and effective, also quite easy to use by travelers. After all who doesn’t like tapping on a smiley face survey button, especially when you are a happy traveler! Read more about our Survey App for iPad.

In a study done by NY Times on Airport Bathrooms are Getting Better found that technology has played a large part including smiley feedback kiosks to get proper attention to the washroom based on the feedback collected.

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Bathroom Cleanliness Survey

Airport Bathroom Survey Top Features

We all understand how important it is to have a clean and working public bathroom. But what does the ideal bathroom experience look like? 

Based on our experience we found the most critical component is a clean toilet.  As a close 2nd was a functioning sink and a comfortable temperature. Other important features included sufficient counter space, stocked toilet paper and a clean nice smelling bathroom.

We found these are the key features that customers want in a bathroom. If you’re looking to improve the bathroom experience for users, start with these things and you’ll be sure to please your guests.

Atlanta Airport Bathroom Survey

Airport restroom surveys are not anything new for the Atlanta Airport.  In the article details out their commitment level and focus on improve traveler experience. They are one of the leading innovate airports continuously looking for ways to improve.

At Hartsfield-Jackson, we strive to provide our passengers with a world-class experience — one that truly delights them. Not simply because it improves our bottom line, but also because it has a positive impact on their perception of our airport and our city as whole.

Airport Survey Kiosks

Airport Survey Kiosks are commonly found in airports and are used to collect passenger feedback. Many airports use these survey kiosks to poll passengers about their experience using these terminals at the airport, from the friendliness of airport staff to how satisfied they were with their trip overall.

Airport administration can then use the information gathered from these kiosks to better the passenger experience and make informed decisions. Many also use the airport survey kiosks to find out about flight schedule, your gate, and other useful travel details. By collecting feedback from passengers, airport survey kiosks help service providers better understand and cater to passengers’ wants and needs.

Should you press that smiley feedback button?

While there may be some debate around weather you should give that smiley face button a tap while exiting the airport bathroom, we strongly suggest you do. From our experience we have found that an airport bathroom survey collecting feedback tends to take the feedback received very seriously. For example, if you’re walking out of an airport bathroom and tap a negative feedback button this can alert the staff so they can investigate further what needs to be corrected.

Airport Bathroom Survey

service with a smile

SurveyStance is the obvious choice when capturing feedback from your customers!

For more information regarding the SurveyStance Smiley Kiosks please call or email us today! We offer free software trials and can customize a pricing solution that fits your needs. We also provide pricing to review anytime.

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