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Restaurant Customer Feedback App Kiosk​

Ideas and best practice when using a survey kiosk to collect restaurant customer feedback.

restaurant customer feedback

What is a Restaurant Survey App?

Our restaurant customer feedback app is more than just an ipad survey app, it’s a total restaurant feedback system.  The feedback system consist of an iPad based Kiosk (provided) to allow your customers to provide quick feedback about their experience while they are dining at the restaurant!  The restaurant questionnaire is fully customizable and the survey can be changed anytime.

Feedback Kiosk Signage

You can also use the restaurant customer feedback app to ask questions like ‘what did you like most about our restaurant?’ or ‘how did you hear about us’? The SurveyStance Survey Kiosk system is easy to use but dynamic enough to meet a wide range of needs.

Get a Feedback Kiosk at your Restaurant

If you’re looking for a way to allow your customers to share their feedback while they are still in your restaurant then the Feedback Kiosk can be an ideal option. Restaurant feedback systems increase guest satisfaction and helps connect you with customers. Contact Us and we can get you setup with everything you need to start capturing customer feedback right away!  We have revolutionized the way restaurants survey their customers.

How does a Customer Feedback Kiosk Work?

You can review in detail How it Works, in short our restaurant feedback system is made up of an iPad, Stand, and an app. Simply place the kiosk in heavy traffic areas around your restaurant.  Customers can provide quick feedback by tapping a range of smiley faces to respond to the corresponding survey question displayed.  By making the survey questions easy to answer you will increase the number of customer survey responses.  Once the simple survey question is answered you can turn on key features like “share your email address” or “tell us more” to further interact with the customer.

iPad Survey AppTop methods for restaurant customer feedback app surveys:

  1. Feedback Kiosk
  2. OneClick Digital Feedback

Restaurant Feedback Questions

  • Please rate our Service
  • Are you planning on coming back soon?
  • Please rate our Food
  • Was our servers friendly?
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member? (NPS Question)
  • What could we improve upon for next visit?

These quick survey satisfaction questions are answered by tapping  range of smiley faces (sad face to happy face) to tell you if they are happy or not. Other questions types include free form text input or even custom input options for customer to select from. 

Restaurant Customer Feedback App

Best Ways Restaurants can get Great Customer Feedback

The best ways for restaurants to get great customer feedback is not as hard as you may think.  The number one way we have found is to just get more feedback.  By increasing the amount of customers who share feedback this generally will increase the overall feedback scores.  Why is this true? This is true because it’s typical for only those customers who the most upset will track go through the effort of sharing their feedback online. 

Consider another example of a restaurant using a Feedback Kiosk where customers can quickly share their feedback as they leave the restaurant. This will increase the survey completion rate and get a more diverse of customers completing the feedback.

Restaurant Customer Feedback App Survey Kiosk
Restaurant Customer Feedback App

Ask about our New Restaurant Survey Package. This is key if you are opening a new restaurant and looking for an easy solution to capture early feedback. Also, we can help with key survey questions before opening.

Common Questions from Restaurants Seeking Customer Feedback

How do you ask for feedback in a restaurant?

This is a common question we hear often from restaurants who are sending surveys to their customers.  We have found that you don’t need to explicitly ask the customer for feedback, rather, simply allow the customer the opportunity to share their feedback will increase the feedback your restaurant receives.iPad Survey App - Feedback Kiosk

How to Increase Reviews for your Restaurant?

To increase online reviews in your restaurant you must put together a customer feedback strategy that will allow happy customers to share their feedback easily while routing unhappy customers to the manager or restaurant owner to address their concerns.  This will allow online reviews to increase over time and help determine the cause of unhappy customers to help fix the issues long term.  This is possible with the SurveyStance platform, check out more on our Restaurant Customer Feedback Surveys.

Revving Up Restaurant Feedback & Ditching Paper for Digital Insights

When you compare digital feedback with old-school methods like paper feedback forms, it’s like comparing a Tesla to a horse carriage. Let’s be real – those paper forms? They get lost in the shuffle, and who has the time to manually analyze them? With digital feedback, everything changes. You’re getting real-time, actionable insights that can transform your restaurant game. It’s not just about gathering opinions; it’s about making smarter decisions, faster. You’re in the driver’s seat, steering your restaurant based on what your customers are actually saying, not just guessing based on a stack of neglected paper forms. This is the future, and it’s all about efficiency and staying ahead.

How do you ask customers for feedback in a restaurant?

Asking customers for feedback in a restaurant can be tricky. You want to be friendly and open without being too pushy. You also want to make sure that you are receiving key details necessary to actually improve on. One popular approach is to just ask customers an opening question around how their meal was as they’re leaving the restaurant. This gives them a chance to leave feedback anonymously, and it also allows you to gauge the overall satisfaction with their experience. Another option is to include a qr code with the check, which gives customers a chance to scan and share detailed feedback.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to stay positive and open to customer feedback, even if it’s not always what you want to hear.

Restaurant Feedback Next Steps

Restaurant feedback is essential for any restaurant looking to improve within their business. By conducting various restaurant surveys, restaurant owners can collect valuable details on their customers.

However, restaurant surveys can be time-consuming and expensive, so it’s important to choose the right restaurant survey platform. There are many restaurant survey platforms available, but not all of them are the same. Some restaurant survey systems are designed for QSR while others are geared towards more casual restaurants. With so many restaurant survey options available to you, there really should be no excuse not to start capturing feedback today!