Add Customer Survey on Splash Page for Guest WiFi Portal Feedback

Companies that are offering WiFi for their guests and customers have a unique opportunity to capture customer feedback in real-time.Β  Once the guest connects on the company Guest WiFi they are redirected to what is called a Splash Page.Β  This is an excellent time to allow the company to post a One Click Customer Feedback Survey.

Guest WiFi Portal - Customer Feedback Survey

The most successful companies around the world have one things in common, they are always asking customers for feedback.


One Click Feedback

Adding a quick one click survey on the wifi landing page will result in a high response rate because it's so quick and easy.


Choose from many emoji types, custom landing pages, add a logo and branding colors.

Easy Setup

Once you create a feedback survey just copy/paste the survey directly into the splash page on the Guest WiFi Portal.

Insightful Reporting

Access to in-depth reporting and dashboards will help determine pain points in business with actionable next steps to fix.

Should I add customer survey to Guest WiFi Captive Portal?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if you should add a portal survey to a guest wifi landing page for customer feedback.

  • Do you want to push a survey to customer or allow customer to share feedback anytime?
  • What other points are you asking customer for feedback?
  • What would you do with the customer feedback?

Customer Feedback

SurveyStance offers 3 integrated services to capture customer. Our OneClick Feedback can be used to embed the survey within your WiFi Portal, Email Signatures, Websites and more!

Final Considerations using SurveyStance for WiFi Portal Customer Feedback.

We believe that it’s important to have multiple channels for your customers and guests to share their feedback.Β  We often see companies falling short by only sending one email survey at a single point in time.Β  What if the customer wants to share feedback before an email is sent, this leaves no options for that.

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