Are smiley survey kiosks the new Mystery Shopper?

As a business owner or manager it’s important to know how your customers feel and if they are happy or not, even when you’re not personally there.  There is now a way that you can allow you customers to give you direct smiley survey feedback and even when you’re not present.

Setting up Survey Kiosks at your store

SurveyStance makes setting up a Survey Kiosk at your store very simple.  We provide everything you need; iPad, iPad Stand, Survey Kiosk Software App, Instant Survey Notifications, and Backend Web Portal for Reporting.

Once we setup the iPad Survey Kiosk

SurveyStance Kiosk iPad App
Customer Service SurveyStance Kiosk

w/ Stand in the recommended area we will walk you through a quick training on how to create your first survey questions, setup alerts (Email & Text Message) for negative reviews and how to analyze the survey reporting.

The survey questions are designed to be easy to answer, your customers will tap a range of smiley faces (very happy smiley face, moderately happy smiley face, moderately sad face, and very sad face).

After your customer taps a smiley face they will have the option to ‘share more details’ and ‘share your email address’. We have also found that by allowing your customer to share more information after the one tap smiley survey is very valuable in addition to the the ‘smiley face’ survey most others offer.

Some popular survey kiosk questions are:

  • How was our Service today?
  • Do you plan on returning in the near future?
  • What did you like most about your visit today? (instead of smiley faces, they can select various icons).
  • Would you recommend us to a friend or family member? (thumbs up / thumbs down).

What types of business can benefit most from a smiley survey kiosk from SurveyStance?

We see most success coming from brink and mortar businesses that have a flow of customers in their store.  This can range from retail stores, restaurants, medical offices (dentists, doctors, chiropractor, massage), gyms and health clubs, and more.  We have even seen the smiley survey kiosks successful in corporate settings to capture employee happiness and feedback.

For more information regarding the SurveyStance Smiley Kiosks please call or email us today!


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