Importance Of A Customer Feedback Process

Importance Of A Customer Feedback Process For Your Company Customer feedback is crucial for any business. Feedback from your customers serves as a powerful guide that helps deliver meaningful insights. Understanding the importance of a customer feedback process really is

How To Get Your Customers To Take Customer Feedback Surveys (Every Time)

Customer Feedback Surveys – Increasing Completion Rate Getting customer feedback surveys is key to growing your business. It can make the difference between delivering mediocre and excellent customer service for current and future clients. However, unless you know exactly what

7 Effective Questions – Emoji Survey App 😍 😡

If you are in the process of setting up your Emoji Survey App on your iPad and seeking suggestions of effective questions to ask, we’ve got you covered! You can definitely customize by your type of business but here

Airport Feedback Survey – Tap a Smiley Face

Airport Smiley Face Survey Feedback Terminal You know those airport feedback survey’s (Smiley Surveys) found in Airport Bathrooms with the or Security Checkpoints? These smiley face feedback buttons are popping up everywhere!  We found that customers are too busy to

NPS iPad App Kiosk – NPS (Net Promoter Score) Surveys

Net Promoter Score – NPS iPad App Generally referred to as NPS surveys, Net Promoter Score Surveys are considered to be one of the most effective surveys for any brand or business. The best thing about NPS iPad App surveys

Innovative Way to Capture Employee Feedback Surveys without Email Links

Innovative Way to Collect Employee Feedback without Email Surveys SurveyStance has an innovative way companies can implement an employee feedback survey and capture feedback, ideas, suggestions and more from employees.  An in depth survey sent to associates via email is

How to Measure Employee Engagement

How to Measure Employee Engagement Measuring employee engagement and happiness can be difficult.  Most companies today seek employee engagement feedback through online employee surveys once or twice a year.  As your company grows it becomes increasingly challenging to not only

Smiley Face Survey Kiosk App Terminal

Smiley Face Survey Kiosk Terminal Using in-store smiley face kiosk terminals to determine if your customers are happy or not is on the rise!  The reason most businesses do not get the feedback they need from customers is mainly because